Do you feel like you’re failing in life right now?
Are you feeling like you should be some place different, not adding up to your talent or your vision for life.
Do you find yourself constantly wanting to get free from the Circle of Life that looks like breakthrough, happiness, joy, escape, or promotion until it’s turns into the same old thing. Guess what? These feelings are normal for all of us. It simply means Destiny is still alive in you.

This Bible Study will cover 3 tips from Matthew 14 that will keep you moving and bring you into Divine Understanding and Transformation.

Before We Get Started Here’s The TRUTH About You…
(Whether You Believe It or Not)

#1 Your Spirit is Alive Because You are Aware of Your Need for Change…
(We’re Really Stuck When We Need to Change and Don’t Know It)
#2 Your probably a person that is called by the Lord to be a leader so your in-bread purpose is not letting you settle for mediocrity or less than and now Purpose is putting you in some “Faith Positions”
# 3 You more than likely have some impatience and want things to turn around too quickly and suffer with a just a little bit of an ANGER ISSUE…(prophetic wink).

Let’s get into Matthew 14.

Tip#1: You’re Going to Always Have to Grow in Another Area…

The 12 were called by the Lord to be the Kingdom’s most noticeable leaders. Is it not like the Lord to bless us with so much insight into their “Leadership Development Process,” to let us know that others have been where we are in this journey to please the Lord.  Every Leader has a process they must go through to be strong enough for others to lean on in times adversity until they can obtain their own freedom.

The disciples were highly gifted but not knowledgeable when it came to certain Kingdom Understanding and Spirit Realm Executions. If you’re trying to serve the Lord properly you must allow Him to train you also. The human experience and talent will tell us that we know how to do it, but outcome will sometimes tell us otherwise. Sometimes it’s just best to humble ourselves and actually read the manual. His ways are too perfect and profound for us to wing it. Let’s look at some of the hidden truths that are necessary mindsets for us to master to continuously progress to our next level while keeping our peace and salvation.

Text: (Matthew 14:22-24)

  • You’ve Grown Spiritually, You are Maturing, You’ve Outgrown the Fear of the Storm!
    • Peter and the other disciples had grown spiritually, in a previous storm they were scared when the wind blew and Jesus was in the boat with them. In this storm, there is no showing of fear of the storm in the boat, even though Jesus is not in the boat with them. (Matthew 8:23-27)
    • Great, this means that you’re not as co-dependent on your leader/mentor as you used to be because you have submitted to their teachings/mentoring and counsel over a period of time.
    • Congratulations, you’ve outgrown the “Fear of the Storm.”
  • You’re Next Fear
    • in the boat we find a new fear, the disciples run into in their “Fear of Spirits”
    • There will always be another fear that is in your path even when you are obeying the counsel of the Lord, the Lord told them to get into the boat and go to the other side. You could say,  the storm they were going through was because of following the Lord. Now, on top of the storm which is aggravating me there is a Spirit desiring to come into the boat that I don’t know how to handle.
    • What do you do to overcome this next thing you’ve run into?

Tip#2: Trust in Your Leader’s Voice

Text: Matthew 14:25-27

  • You’re leader has usually gone through the experience you are going through.
  • Make sure you pray, study and ask questions while in your storm, the constant direction and encouragement is usually the missing ingredient for break-through when one is trying to outlast a season and stay in the plan of God (Matthew 7:24-27)
  • Sometimes the Lord directs a leader to take a path that has fears in it (Deuteronomy 8)
  • Don’t stop trusting your leadership because of hard times, reach out and let their experience bring your emotions back into the proper state for break-through/transformation/growth and understanding. They carry a peace you don’t have yet…. “Be of good cheer, it is I; be not afraid.”
  • Prayer: Lord I am scared/afraid/aggravated/defeated/disappointed. I’m asking you to lead me through this storm. I have no experience in this arena mentally, emotionally or physically. I am drained in all 3 areas. If you are not in this storm, then according to the divine right and powers given to believers through your name I cancel this storm. I rebuke it according to Matthew 8, but if you have ordained this development storm encourage me through it. These things are asked according to your name and I will trust in Matthew 8 that your wisdom will continue to speak to me through the study of your word, prayer and your ordained leadership for my life.

Tip#3: Trust in Your Leader’s Hand When You’re Trying to Go to the Next Level..

Text: Matthew 14:28-33

  • Peter went straight from deliverance from fear and peace into wanting to do a new thing
  • When you are entering into your new thing seek for the release of your leadership. Stay accountable, many people fail the Kingdom and go into deceitfulness of riches by not being accountable when they have a new idea or desire they feel comes from the Lord. Here’s a secret, without counsel most believers will enter into something that is stronger than them and be swept away in their minds and hearts without even knowing the wind is blowing (take it from me). Peter asked the Lord, can I operate in what you’re operating in. “Bid me to come unto thee on the water.” Ask your leader when promotion comes for you and to you, after all they are watching over your soul (Hebrews 13)
  • Be accountable so their gifts and operations can help you and rescue you if necessary as you learn more and more about the divine purpose and power of the Father for your life. Let them help you manage your zeal, doubts and talents until you are ready for the King’s Highest Plan with your life
  • Prayer: Lord let not my zeal pull me into un-necessary situations, but let not my fear keep me in the boat when you are calling me out of it. Lord give me ears to hear your voice and a heart to know your will. Holy Spirit only you know these things, only you can help me be in the right places at the right time. Let me know when I should stay in the boat and let me know when I am bid to come on the waters. You know my maturity and I trust you because you speak only those things you have heard from Christ. I surrender to you with my mouth that the Lord’s Will will be done through my life. Give me grace and patience to be accountable, don’t let zeal pull me into situations that I’m not ready for. Protect me from places, things and opportunities not authorized by you. All these things I ask in the Name of Christ, My Savior.


  • Be prepared to share with us a time where you were in fear and the Lord used a leader to bring you to a new place of understanding.
    • This can be any leader/mentor or parent that has brought you into experiencing a different life outcome because of biblical counsel
  • Be prepared to share your New Fear if you’ve found it..
  • Share with us your prayer to make it through your New Fear Situation

Hoping You Don’t Quit on Your Purpose,

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