Week to Week Foundations Course

Week to Week Growth
Welcome to your Week to Week Foundations Course.  It’s a course designed to make sure you develop habits that cause you to grow from week to week in your understanding of the Kingdom of God. This course will cause you to run into a very tangible relationship with God that will lead to a great life of manifested power and eternal life.

This virtual course is designed to give you the proper foundations to be a successful Christian. Being a Disciple of Christ is actually about being taught and trained to be successful in the Kingdom of God. God wants to introduce you to His ways, save your soul, heal you from emotional and psychological pains, and make you super-successful if you will let Him. You were born for it!

This course is designed to get you on the right track to accomplish these things. They are written for you from deep experiences of God proving Himself to be real and faithful when He is obeyed. Think of them as you getting to look over the shoulders of your leadership team and cheat off of their life and notes so you can please God too.

Module 1: Do You Really Want to Be Saved?

Module 2: Becoming the New You!!!