Understanding Commandment

The Importance of Understanding Commandment

Without a true understanding of commandment, one can never fully understand how the Lord runs His Kingdom. This teaching will aid in the renewing of the mind and transforming you into a Kingdom Citizen rather than a Church Goer or Deceived Christian. You will also learn how to study words and find the true intents of God and begin to understand and proclaim the Kingdom with power and backing that you have never had before.

Commandment – Greek word – Entolay – it means injunction, authoritative prescription.

We want you to look carefully at some things in the definition. We’ll start with the word “authoritative.”

Authoritative denotes the fact that this has come from an authority. Authoritative’s root word is authority whose root word is author, which means original or creator.

This is why the Lord can say that He and only He has authority over man….…

  • He authored him, originated him, created him.
  • Because of this relationship He and only He knows the authentic/original purpose for His creation.
  • Therefore when you see the term “authoritative prescription,” know that this term means “an original and created prescription.”

Every time the Lord or a Servant of the Lord issues command from their position of authority (authoring/initiating/creating) it should  be an original prescription that has come from the LORD.

The intent/MANIFESTATION  of commandment is to Protect the King’s Kingdom and Manifestations. Therefore when you keep the King’s Commands you are actually PROTECTING THE KING’S KINGDOM.

When ministry gifts preachers begin to preach pop-culture (what is popular in the culture) then they are actually betraying the King’s Kingdom and are SENTENCED BY THE KING AS WORKERS OF INIQUITY. The WRITTEN WORD OF GOD PROTECTS THE KINGDOM, not SPIRITUAL GIFTING. Study the below verses to understand this truth that needs to be embedded in the Kingdom Citizens Soul.

  • Matthew 7:21-29

The commandment of the Lord heals protects the Kingdom.

STUDY TIP: Now let’s dig into the word “prescription” which the conformed human mind has been trained to connect to medicine. Now that you’ve been renewed when it comes to the word commandment we pray that you will also take that skillset and study scripture for yourself using original languages like Hebrew, Greek and Latin to find out the divine power/manifestation of a word when it first came into the planet, other known as it’s original meaning in an original language. (the history of the word)

Prescription is a term that is usually associated with the practice of medicine. This word, like most has been severed from it’s original meaning and divine power into something else. It’s original meaning and power is connected to the law. It is connected to the laws of property, the laws of civil righteousness and keeping order.

Here’s a surprise for you!

It is actually the exact same word in the Greek as commandment. This is why the word prescription is introduced to you as a reference to the word commandment because it is a synonym.

Prescription Greek – entolay – an ordinance, injunction, command, law

Latin – praescription – legal possession of property, law, order, a writing beforehand.


Why Does the Kingdom of Darkness Steal Words?

Commandments come from one who is in authority, and as taught before the one in authority should be the one that authored/created/instituted/invented the thing he/she is giving commandment to.
Example: God created man so He can command man.

If the King of Darkness can steal words and create a new meaning for them (deception/witchcraft)  and get human minds to believe these new definitions/commands, then He becomes the ruler/creator/originator/author to that person and that person is now submitted to His Kingship and His Kingdom’s Spells and Perversions as truth and will proselytize for Satan until he/she dies or is rescued by the Power of God.

Not only the above, but words are an original divine power of God. Divine Beings create worlds and Kingdoms through words and language. This is how the Lord destroyed a Kingdom by simply separating their language.

  • Genesis 11:1-9

When God began to restore His Kingdom and bring His influence back to the Earth He commanded all to continue in the apostles doctrine, thus having the same language again. The language restores the ability to complete the super-natural within a people.


The body does not recognize man made food as calories, therefore it does not function properly over the long term without side effects when a person does not eat what the Lord made food to be. It is righteous that there is so much physical sickness and long term death (disease) killing a generation of humans because we are consuming witchcraft and spells which are designed by the Spirit Realm to seduce and still destroy.

If I can kill you, but you don’t know you’re dying… and I can do it over time while I influence your mind to  believe the Wisdom of God is a lie because you did not drop dead immediately, I could kill you later and use you to proselytize now. If a human eats authentic food, commanded food, then the body was designed to recognize it and the internals will function properly over the longhaul.

So it is with words, the Enemy has changed words from their original meaning so they don’t produce the right thing in the mind. Therefore he has created a system of deception so man can never live the life the Lord ordained for him and thus stop the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. If the Kingdom can not be seen, then most minds will never believe in it, so they can not come into it and neither can they defeat the Kingdom of Darkness in their generation.

All of these perversions (changes) birth the perversions of Religions and Aetheism which are both manifestations of the bewitchment of the Kingdom of Darkness.


Without in depth trainings on Word-Study it will continue to be an uphill battle to birth humans into the Kingdom of God. The level of deception in the culture is too great and Christianity as known in this dispensation is mostly a perversion of the Kingdom of God by the Kingdom of Darkness. May this teaching change your study habits and allow God to speak to you truths that build the Kingdom.

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May Your Future Be the Lord’s Will



  1. What is the definition of commandment?
  2. Name the 2 purposes of the commandment of the Lord?
  3. What gives the Lord authority over man?
  4. What is the divine power of language and a Kingdom?
  5. What is the root word in authority?
  6. What is authority’s divine meaning, therefore it’s divine power?
  7. Is commandment connected to manifestation? Yes or No.. If yes, how?
  8. What institution is the word prescription” originally connected to medicine or law?
  9. False or True? The word “prescription” is the same word as “commandment.”
  10. If a person believes something other than the Original Word of God are they believing truth or a spell that has come in through witchcraft?


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