Purpose of Transformation Group

Go From Pain to Healing

When there is something deeply wrong detected in the human body, sometimes there is the need for surgery. Surgery must be done by an expert, hopefully someone who is skilled, passionate about healing the body and who wants to make sure that all of humanity has a fighting chance to survive this particular wrong in the body.

Surgeries sometimes cause deep pain and intrusion to the physical body and may have to take place with some form of anesthesia. As a matter of fact, there is usually another expert on surgical staff called and anesthetist or anesthesiologist that puts you to sleep according to your body’s weight and other factors to make sure that while you are being cut on/intruded on you can take it.

Your Healing Team

He/she is there to make sure you are positioned properly to withstand the pain of the procedure. They are there to make sure you make it through the highest level of pain or shock that will visit you during this necessary step for healing.

Remember, if this surgery is not done it could cost you your life… so you have to make a decision to go through the pain or face possible death based on your own experience and knowledge, which in all honesty has led you to the surgery table.

Many make the wise choice of going through the pain for their healing, because they feel they are too young to die or that there is an unfulfilled purpose with their life, or they have children to raise.

Whatever their reason they are willing to go through the intrusion and pain because of a greater purpose that is unfulfilled. (Hebrews 12:2, Mark 14:21-25, Luke 22:15-20)

We Need More Than Physical Healing…

This logic is easily accepted when it comes to physical healing because people want to physically live, but what if there is a need for a spiritual surgery, an emotional surgery, financial surgery, marital surgery, parenting surgery, career surgery, relationship surgery, or leadership surgery.

What if there is something deeply wrong hiding in our way of life that is dangerous to our future, our purpose, or our mental and physical health?

Will we allow an expert that is passionate and skilled to come in and heal those wounds? Will we allow them to go deep into our being into old places we have hidden or blacked out for so long we don’t know we were protecting the very things that were planted to kill our purpose, joy and peace?

Will we let the intruding questions and verses cut into our flesh so they can provide us with the spiritual surgery that we need to have a changed heart, find supernatural endurance and patience so we can finally find out how to have joy and true divine purpose in this life?

Will we put ourselves on the spiritual table of “transformation groups” with our spiritual family and allow the Word of God and His Purpose and Plan to change us into His necessity as originally planned in the garden, or will we keep doing the same things and letting our emotions deceive us and bring us to this same place of quietness and misery? (Hebrews 4:12-16)

Transformation Groups… Love Church’s Spiritual Surgery Rooms

I hope and pray that you take the spiritual surgery and bring your real self and feelings to transformation group to be healed… Jesus did, in His weakest, most emotionally vulnerable moment His inner man needed friends and so does ours. (Matthew 26:38)

My heart felt hope as Senior Pastor of Love Church is that we will take the spiritual surgery and not face possible death or failure alone. I pray we allow our Healing Partners and Leadership in Transformation Group to enter into the wounded places in our hearts so our souls can live and experience the super-natural peace and love designed by God, possibly for the first time in our lives.

Jesus did it, let us follow Him in wisdom and overcome our greatest fears and hurts and finally accomplish “our real life.”

Apostle James Francis