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Transformation GroupThis is the place to find the curriculum that will help our disciples/students stay in tune and develop from the preached messages of Love Church. The teachings and questions are based on the sermons from Apostle James and the teaching elders of Love Church. (Acts2:42)



Series: Achieving Kingdom
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Humility is the power to self assess one’s self and see your own personal weaknesses. Many people in the Church are not humble. We don’t like looking at our flaws, which really means we need to spend more time in prayer, fasting and the scriptures because we all are flawed and should be used to it by now. Once a person finds out that flaws simply make them human and “not a less than” they can truly be healed and become a healer in the area they once struggled. This is a picture of the marvelous power of God to transform situations and people and make all things work out for our good. There is honor in what used to be dis-honorable and shameful. May this session of transformation groups help the new you breakthrough the shame of the old you. .

As Always We Look Forward to Your Transformation,
Apostle James Francis & The Love Church Family



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