Become a 20%er

Become a 20%er

Partnerships can have many different levels.

In some businesses people are 50/50 partners… both parties agree to split the responsibilities and profits right down the middle.

Other business have 60/40 or 70/30 and some 80/20’s.

It is a known fact that in the Church it’s a 80/20 partnership, with only 20% of the people doing most of the work. Apostle James thrives at the challenge of making sure that the 20% can function at maximum efficiency for the Kingdom.

“If we know that only 20% of the people are difference makers…Why are we spending so much energy on the masses? It is a waste of wisdom’s time. We must operate at maximum efficiency and increase our discernment to take care of today’s Kingdom Business and to protect ourselves from Church Offence that comes through false commitment.”
Apostle James Francis


BE A 20% er…Make a Difference!

Apostle James believes that biblical partnership is simply about humble people doing their part and sharing in the success together.
(Ephesians 4:15,16)

He now prays for and seeks out those humble 20% that want to do their part in the Body, those that have matured past Church attendance and that want to make a divine difference with their life if given the right teaching.

Whether you have chosen to partner with us financially or partner with us as a student or affiliate know that we are fighting to be a part of the Lord’s 20%.

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The Lord’s Will Become Your Life, Team