opinions2The Deception of Feelings and Opinions

In an opinionated world everybody’s opinion seems right. Everybody’s opinion looks like the seen all and end all of a matter. From football to politics, everyone seems to have a say,opinion or feeling about the way things ought to be. Let me ask you a very challenging question concerning a spiritual reality….What if your opinion doesn’t matter at all?

People feel their opinions, which usually are being derived from pain, limited information or rebellion are truth. Truth or relevant feeling is actually very limited and only given power by the Lord.(John 14:6) If we give a truth/opinion/feeling that is not based on study and fact we are just being emotional and our opinion doesn’t matter.

We can not allow our opinions/feeling to sit in our mind and flow through our emotions and lips without doing an internal assessment of that truth or emotion before we begin to proclaim and defend it.

Look at this definition of feelings.
Feelings – a subjective response to a person, thing or situation.

How Much Will These Feelings Cost You?

Feelings or Emotions are not relevant unless they have been submitted to the Righteousness of God.Our reactions must be righteous to matter to the Lord. If you use your feelings/emotions to have a reaction to a person, thing, or situation and that reaction is not considered righteous by God then your feelings have just pulled you into deeper sin and now have made you a candidate for a spiritual test in the thing you just had an errant opinion on. In other words you are setting yourself up for a future spiritual failure and season of hindrance in your life. (Matthew 18:23-34)

These Kingdom Truths are what protect the mind/heart and keep salvation and favor on the proper pace to achieve maximum manifestation of the Divine Relationship between The King and us.

If your heart/mind has not been trained to be submitted to the Word of God or God’s Commandments or what we know as the Lord’s Righteousness (Matthew 6:33) then they don’t matter for the good of yourself and really should not matter to others that are operating in divine purpose. (Matthew 16:22-23).

This is why we need mentors and friends that are more truth based than feeling based. We all need people that have chosen to do the Word of God no matter what, so we can brought out of sin against the King and back into balance. Without the habit of scriptural study an individual will not be able to learn accurately from God, they will also have a very hard time coming back into the necessary favor of God for God’s Righteousness, Blessing and Favor to be seen in their lives for a witness to others.

Make Your Feelings, Emotions and Opinion Matter!!!

Meditate on these verses so your feelings can be righteous and matter to God.

2 Corinthians 10:5-6
Matthew 18:23-34
Matthew 6

The Lord’s Will Become Your LIfe,
Apostle James