“The Kingdom of God is much bigger than simple Church attendance.”
Apostle James Francis

“Love Church is not just a Church but a template for Church Planters and Kingdom Leadership Development.”


When the LORD instructed Apostle James to plant Love Church he thought it was just a name for that local church. As time went on Apostle James began to see that Love Church was a biblical model the Lord had been waiting on him to fully grasp for about 5 years. Now day by day, study by study, prayer by prayer, execution by execution the model the Lord used in the book of Acts is being understood, manifested and communicated with the leadership of LOVE CHURCH (LC)  it’s members and affiliates.

The Mobile Ministry Model

Love Church is a biblical model that Apostle James calls “Mobile.” Christ operated out of a mobile ministry model, his purpose was not to get locked into a local church but to present the Kingdom of God, it’s need, love and power to different cities. Secondarily he took those that he saw Leadership Potential in and invited them to a deeper level of discipling while traveling with HIm. The Mobile Ministry Model plants Churches once it finds proper leadership in a city or nation, but it’s main concern is Kingdom Awareness, Entrance and Leadership Development that will proclaim an accurate Kingdom Gospel to those that are blessed by the Lord to hear it.

  • Love Church’s focus is on bringing people out of False Christianity and into the authentic Kingdom Citizenship and Understanding
  • Love Church has been authorized by the King to bring people into Understanding of the Gifts of the Spirit and their necessity
  • Love Church provides Leadership Training and Curriculum for those that are in the Body of Christ but not members of Love Church if there is a perceived grace on the individuals life



“It Really is an Advanced Kingdom Learning Experience that will Change Your Life”




LOVE CHURCH & MINISTRIES is a non-denominational Jesus Following Church that is structured to product “True Christianity and True Chrisian Leadership” via the growth institutions of self responsibility, forgiveness, study, prayer, repentance, worship, transparency, submission and all other fruits of the Holy Spirit named in Galatians 5.   LOVE CHURCH’S foundations are built on these biblical truths found in Acts.

  1. THE CHURCH BELONGS TO JESUS CHRIST as HE IS LORD of all Citizens of the Kingdom of God aka Bible Practicing Christians.
  2. JESUS CHRIST chose the grace gifting of apostle to lead and train those that would be responsible for the teaching of doctrine in the local church.
  3. When JESUS HAS GIVEN INSTRUCTION to HIS CHURCH and those instructions are followed by the leaders these will be the manifestations of that local assembly:
  • Strong Relevant, Manifesting Preaching from the Preachers That Impact the Highest Level Minds for JESUS CHRIST
  • Preaching that creates Massive Repentance in all cultures and geographic areas for CHRIST AND HIS KINGDOM
  • Supernatural Manifestations of healing and Divine Presence taking place during the Worship Gatherings
  • Healthy Social Relationships, Supernatural Friendships and Ministerial Relationships are born from the culture of the Church
  • Poverty Removal and Economic Welfare through Kingdom Inspired Teaching and Giving Becomes a Bi-Product of Membership and Submission to the Culture birthed by the Holy Spirit
  • Able Ministers of the Un-Changed Gospel of Jesus Christ are produced for World Evangelism including a Miracle Dynamic to prove His LORDSHIP.