In our last post we asked you if you were feeling a kind of way. We asked if you were feeling like you should be in another place in life but can’t seem to get there…then we let you in on a Kingdom Secret concerning getting to the next level. “Sometimes your next place in life is in your leader’s mouth.” We hope you’ve taken the previous teaching and prepared your mind so your next season in life will have some fulfilled blessings in them. Now let’s get you even closer to that goal of manifested blessing!

It’s a Time of Financial Positioning

I just had the wonderful privilege of being piped into Pastor Betty Butler of Sudden Change Ministries service on Sunday. She’s doing a series concerning the “Nets of God.” (Luke 5:1-7) She’s positioning her people for Supernatural Financial Increase through divine counsel. I know the things she and I shared with her people are things that need to be shared with many in the Kingdom of God.

Let me start off by saying there is way too much poverty in the Kingdom of God and most of it is based on ignorance and being counseled by the poor and non-graced financially. This shouldn’t be. It’s actually a part of apostolic commissioning to make sure that poverty is dealt with in the Kingdom of God and we are in need of much financial counsel.

“We’re so far behind in competence, but ahead in ignorance.” We are not competent financially but we are full of religious doctrines. We need more than doctrines and hyped messages, we need applicable business and financial wisdom that manifests the Kingdom of God.

Luke 16:8-10
(8)  And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.
(9)  And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.
(10)  He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

Financially Understanding the Kingdom of God

Most Church Goers have a lack of true understanding when it comes to the financial foundations of the Kingdom of God. The first financial foundation of the Kingdom of God is servant-hood. If you are not serving the Voice the Lord is wanting to use in your life then there will be no financial breakthrough in connection to that leader’s voice/wisdom/counsel/anointing. At least not any substantial or sustained financial liberation.

When an individual serves a Kingdom Advancing Leader in the Kingdom of God it unleashes financial positioning and networking into that person’s life. Many times in the Church, individuals can preach about a subject they have never experienced or that they have no expertise in. Bear with me in my folly as Paul said. When I talk to you about finances I know what I’m talking about both spiritually and naturally.

I remember being a young man, newly saved and not understanding how women were going shopping in the middle of the day with strollers and driving luxury cars without going to work. I wondered what their husbands did for a living and if I would ever be able to take care of a wife like that. I also remember the Lord teaching me how important the tithe was and then changing my career and shifting me into the financial arena and gracing me to be a Top Performer in Fortune 100 Corporate America, sitting on boards and being asked to help create financial products and programs for major financial corporations to stay on the cutting edge of the Financial Industry.

I’ve seen the Lord be faithful to the things I’m going to talk about briefly here and He is no respector of persons. I’ll soon be providing a Live Event and Online Course that if obeyed will manifest millions of dollars, possibly billions in financial empowerment. (no studdering here, been there and done that.) We’ll talk more about that later but I think we’ll be calling it the Christian Credit Bootcamp.

The Financial Power of Studying,Tithing & Serving

As I began to read scripture after being filled with the Holy Spirit I saw that Adam provided everything Eve needed. I began to see in scripture that a husband provided a home for his wife. In the Jewish culture the fiance’ goes and prepares a home for his bride. So it was by the Holy Spirit that I began to see the financial responsibility of a man and that Provision was the foundation of marriage., not just LOVE. As I tithed and served the Lord began to open up doors of opportunity for marriage and financial increase for me. In just 3 years of being saved I was married, my income increased 300% I bought my first property and brought home my wife at the time that once made double what I made. Within a few more years she worked for me and I had my own Financial Consulting Firm and several employees.

Financial Hint #1:Studying the scriptures will begin to introduce you to “Your Income Mindset.There is a personal mindset the Lord has for you. He wants to lead you down a path via the scriptures so He can bring to pass the things He’s sharing with you. This financial partnership and leadership is a part of Him manifesting His Faithfulness to you. This is why Malachi 3 so strongly stresses the Lord’s Financial Faithfulness. He makes this statement, “prove me now herewith.” (Malachi 3:10) When you study it out is actually the Lord saying “check my resume on giving.”

Financial Hint #2: If you do not have “Your Income Mindset” from the Lord then you should go on an “Income Fast.” You may be shocked to find out that there is a great plan already prescribed for you and He will begin to lead you into His Financial Will for your life and bring the wisdom, resources and network or mentors to get you to the prophesied place. I remember when the Lord sent me on my first financial fast. I was a “Struggling Tither.” I needed the Lord to get me out of a bad financial and emotional situation. I fasted and prayed and the Lord told me to go on a “Business Fast.” I saved $50 over a months time from lunch money and bought a business book. The Lord told me to read the book while in the midst of the fast. He used that 30 days to transform my mind and showed me that all Business done right is still the verses and truths that He has placed in the Kingdom, we just don’t know them. This was the beginning of my “Financial Honor” and expertise. Sometimes being “broke” is your birthing place. It may be time for you to push the plate to the side and eat some water and prayer sandwiches:)

Prayer: “Lord I am not in a place of abundance in my life. I feel stuck and misled in my soul. I need you to heal me in my soul and refresh my confidence in you financially. I want to manifest your will for my life financially and repent about trying to do things my way. Your word says that I should acknowledge you in all my ways and lean not unto my own understanding and you will direct my path. I am now leaning on you and I’m in eager anticipation of your financial directions for my life. These things are asked for in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.”

Prophecy: It is a very strongly favored time for financial increase in the Kingdom. It is not the Lord favoring the flesh, but favoring His Will. Ask the Lord His Will for you financially. Re-Establish Financial Favor over your life and let Him take care of you by His pre-ordained plan.


  1. Pray the prayer above.
  2. Take some time and write out all the things that you would like to do financially, hold nothing back. Write out everything you would like to do financially with your life.
  3. Be prepared to read and share your heart concerning what ya wrote.
  4. Get prepared for the “Christian Credit Bootcamp” (It really is going to be Life Changing and Mind Altering)
  5. Go “Connect” if you haven’t done so. We’de love to help you in your financial quest.


Much Love,
Apostle James