Francis Schaeffer is a name many people have never heard, but this man was one of the greatest Christian Minds of the 20th Century. His ministry ascended to such a high level he was able to create a school that was an “ideological thinkĀ  tank” for some of the greatest thinkers of his day. The Lord divinely used him, like Paul to turn some of the greatest earthly minds to Christ. This man walked in true Apostolic Understanding and Execution. (2 Corinthians 10:6)

Francis Schaeffer Preaching by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit tells us things to come (John 16:13), He allows us that have allowed his Infilling to know the future before it becomes the times we live in. In this message Francis Schaeffer does a fantastic job of warning the Church of the “Seeds of the Future” that many could not see. This message was a prophetic attempt by Heaven to awaken the Spirits of Men to take part in the executions necessary to protect the Kingdom of God in America and we failed. Thus we have the world we live in today. We introduce you to Francis Schaeffer.


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