Over the last couple of years I’ve seen people of all races and in many parts of this country say they are Christians. In hearing this and knowing the truth of the scriptures I know that many, in fact most people in Churches in America are not Christians and are not yet saved from the divine damnation of hell.



What makes this a major shame is it’s not their fault. They can only believe what they have heard. According to scripture one can only have faith for what is preached. (Romans 10:17) If you have been in a Church where all they talk about is how much God loves you then all you have faith for is how much God loves you. If you have been in a Church where all they talk about is God providing for you, then all you have faith/knowledge for is God taking care of you. This is not the full gospel of Christ.

The Truth about the Full Gospel of Christ

The full gospel of Christ is necessary to perfect a Saint. It is bigger than God loving you, Jesus taught about more than just the 1 sided relationship of God loving us. Let me ask you a question, is it a fair relationship when the relationship is just about how much you love somebody and they have to do nothing in return to show you love. That’s what today’s Church has done to people’s minds and it’s going to cause a lot of folks to enter into Hell if we don’t stop it.

Jesus taught way more than John 3. This concept of no responsibility in a relationship is a ridiculous picture/mindset/ideology of the Gospel and Assignment given to Christ by the Father. It is a disrespect to Jesus who came into humanity for 33 years to be an example, teach and die according to the Father’s Will so¬† he could be raised from the dead and present innocent blood for our salvation.

We must stop teaching the “God’s Love Towards Us Only” doctrine or we will create another generation of deceived “Church Goers or Non Goers” that somehow legitimately “feel like” they are saved from eternal damnation according to God’s Will and they’re not. This type of teaching fills up American Churches but removes man’s responsibility from serving Christ with his/her life and creates a salvation that is gotten and maintained simply on belief. This is false and we owe humanity and Christ much more than that. (James 2:19-26)

Salvation is Not that Easy…

I’m only going to give you one verse that disproves this type of teaching and it should scare the hell out of everybody that confesses that they’re a Christian but doesn’t study the Word of God. Prayerfully this truth will get us into back into studying the Bible for ourselves, preferably a translation we can understand. We gotta stop believing these family lies, folk tales and just “Glad You’re Here Church Messages” and find out the truth or suffer the consequences.

Matthew 7:21
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Get Connected to the Truth

God has picked and trained people to help you stand before him innocently and escape the eternal jail of Hell. Some of them were and are your friends, some were your enemies. some you have never known… but start spending time with someone that God has ordained to represent Him via preaching and teaching of all of the gospel of Jesus Christ or you’ll probably end up on the wrong side of eternity. (Ephesians 4:1-32)

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Stop Gambling…

Don’t think you’re getting in, know you’re getting in. It’s time to to stop gambling, wanting to be lucky and somehow end up Saved from Hell. It’s as close as you can get to impossible. The Lord has not made salvation as easy as “Popular American Christianity” would want you to think.


With Great Hope for You,
Apostle James Francis